Natural Resources Careers Camp


Experience an unforgettable journey into the world of natural resources with the Natural Resources Careers Camp! This week-long adventure, nestled in the scenic mountains of Garrett County, Maryland, is designed for high school students seeking to explore exciting career paths and college opportunities in the realm of natural resources.


If no Full Enrollment notice is posted, it means that there is still space at this year's camp. 


In collaboration with Allegany College of Maryland and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources-Forest Service, we offer an immersive, co-educational experience led by industry professionals. See the gallery slideshow below for some camp pictures:

Hands-On Learning

Dive into hands-on classroom and field activities including forestry, wildlife ecology, fisheries, watershed management, GIS and GPS technology, natural resources management, and conservation.

Engage with Professionals

Connect with seasoned natural resource professionals who will share their expertise and insights into college programs tailored to their respective fields.

Technology Training

Gain proficiency in essential tools like GIS, GPS, computer simulations, and other field equipment relevant to natural resource careers.

Rustic Retreat

Enjoy the rustic charm of our cabins while being surrounded by the stunning beauty of Garrett County's mountains.

College Credits

If you're 16 or older by the end of NRCC week, you have the option to earn two college credits from Allegany College of Maryland (fees apply). These credits are widely transferable to most Maryland community colleges and select four-year institutions.

Scholarship Opportunities

Open doors to various college scholarships dedicated to forestry, arboriculture, urban forestry, and natural resources.

Tuition Assistance

In-state students may qualify for paid tuition, covering the $500 NRCC Tuition Fee, which includes lodging and meals for the entire week. The local Maryland Forestry Board typically sponsors this fee for in-state participants. Students are only responsible for a $150 Student Activity Fee.

Watch the videos above & below for more information!

Framing the Future_24_01

How to Apply:

Space is limited to 42 NRCC students, so don't miss out on this incredible opportunity. Students must be currently enrolled in, going into, or recently graduated from high school.

  1. Ensure your availability for the entire 7-day period from Sunday, July 21 to Saturday, July 27, 2024, at the Hickory Environmental Education Center in Accident, Maryland.
  2. Complete the online application following the detailed Application Instructions here Ensure your parent/guardian emails or mails the Signature Pages to the Program Director.
  3. Have 2 Letters of Recommendation submitted online, obtained from a teacher, counselor, club adviser, or another non-family adult.
  4. Your local Foreestry Board will receive copies of your application and Letters of Recommendation and will contact you to arrange for a brief interview. Each board selects its candidates.  Forestry Board contact information can be found here.
  5. The $500 tuition is often picked up by the local Forestry Boards for in-state students.  Students are normally required to pay the $150 Activity Fee, payable to the Maryland Forestry Foundation at the address below:
    Maryland Forestry Foundation
    124 South Street #3
    Annapolis, MD 21401
  6. Families are responsible for transportation to and from the Hickory Environmental Education Center, located behind Northern Garrett High School at 604 Pride Parkway in Accident, MD 21520.  Forestry Board members may be able to help coordinate car-pooling with other students if possible.
  7. Finally, anticipate notification of your final acceptance from your local Forestry Board.  NRCC Camp Director, Gabrielle Oldham, will provide all the necessary information for you to have a successful and enriching week at NRCC.

Join us for an unforgettable journey into the world of natural resources and unlock a world of opportunities!

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