Maryland Forestry Foundation

Stewardship is Caring

We Promote Sustainable Forestry

The Maryland Forestry Foundation is dedicated to fostering the sustainable use of our forest resources while educating the public on the benefits of forests and advocating for the protection and expansion of forest cover across the state.


Students & Educators

Our goal is to maintain a steady pipeline into Natural Resources fields in Maryland through college Fellowships and hands-on career camps for high school students.

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We encourage, identify and implement tree planting opportunities on private property, working with landowners to maximize their property's benefits to the environment such as nutrient reduction and air and water quality.

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The Foundation helps to strengthen the effectiveness and outreach potential of our 24 local Forestry Boards through targeted training programs and by acting as a fiduciary agent and fundraising manager for specific Forestry Board programs.

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Through legislative advocacy, we encourage responsible forest management practices, promote ecological services, and mitigate carbon emissions

Framing the Future

Webinar Series: Third Thursday of the month at 1:00 P.M.

Discussions of policies and practices shaping forest management.

Next webinar date: 04/18/24


Maryland's Big Tree Program

Learn about one of the most popular tree programs in Maryland, the first state to create a Big Tree program.  

Facts & Figures

Portion of Maryland's forest cover owned by private citizens
Approximate number of private forest landowners in Maryland
Amount of Maryland's total 6.3 million acres that is lawn
Number of trees planted by our Foundation from 2013-2023

Our Partners make conservation possible.

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Natural Resources Careers Camp

This unique one-week camp allows high school students to explore careers and college studies in Natural Resources.  Applications are currently being accepted for the July 21-27, 2024 camp.

Big Tree Program

A very popular program for landowners and communities, the Maryland Big Tree program maintains the largest Big Tree database in the United States. Nominated trees are measured by experts and, if eligible based on national tree measurement guidelines, the trees are entered into the database and owners are presented with formal Certificates. If you know of a majestic tree in your area, learn more about the Big Tree program here.

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Latest Articles / Blogs

Read up on our latest article or a blog by college students who have been awarded a Fellowship made possible by the Department of Natural Resources.

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