The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT)

The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) has joined forces with the Maryland Urban & Community Forest Committee (MUCFC) and the Maryland Forestry Foundation to provide grants aimed at bolstering the preservation and enrichment of Maryland's urban tree cover and forest ecosystems. MDOT's grant initiative specifically targets areas affected by the construction of transportation facilities, with a particular focus on those grappling with heat island effects or environmental justice concerns.

Eligible applicants encompass a wide range of entities, including non-profit organizations, schools, community and neighborhood associations, community business associations, homeowners associations, youth and civic groups, institutions of higher education, counties, municipalities, and Forestry Boards.

Under this program, the maximum grant amount for tree planting projects is $5,000, while Pocket Forest projects can qualify for awards of up to $10,000. Similar to the MUCFC grants, applications require endorsement from a local Forestry Board and must be submitted by the deadlines of February 15 and July 15. The funding for these grants is provided by MDOT through the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). MDOT staff actively participate in the review process for these projects alongside MUCFC, ultimately making the final determinations for grant awards.

For comprehensive guidance on this grant program, please refer to the guidelines. 

It's worth noting that the Maryland Forestry Foundation serves as the fiscal administrator for MDOT's grant programs, playing an integral role in the review process and the distribution of grant funds to deserving recipients.