The Maryland Urban and Community Forestry Committee (MUCFC)

The Maryland Urban and Community Forestry Committee (MUCFC) is a volunteer group of citizens, professionals and government officials united to protect and enhance Maryland's urban and community forested areas.   Beyond their work to educate the public and to work with legislators on the issues affecting Urban Forestry in Maryland, the committee also administers a grant program that supports tree planting and tree care initiatives across the state and they mange the Maryland PLANT (People Loving and Nurturing Trees) award program.


MUCFC Grant Program

The primary goal of the MUCFC Grant Program is to enhance Maryland's urban forest by providing funding for community tree planting and educational projects.  The projects funded are carried out on public lands within parks, metropolitan areas, cities, or towns and may be undertaken by schools, service organizations, homeowner organizations or other volunteer-based groups.  The maximum grant per project is $1,000.

If you are interested in pursuing a community tree planting or education project in Maryland and need financial support, the MUCFC Grant Program can be a valuable resource to explore.

Grants proposals are due to the Grants Chair by 4:30 pm on February 15 and July 15.  The proposals require sign-off by a member of the local Forestry Board.  Forestry Board contact information can be found here.

Full detail of the grant guidelines and application requirements can be found on the Maryland Department of Natural Resources' site here.  

Maryland DNR is the funding source for the MUCFC grants and Forest Service staff members are involved in the grant review process.  The Maryland Forestry Foundation serves as the fiscal administrator for the  grants.

The PLANT Award

Recognition is given to communities that have shown that they care for their trees.   Communities of all types can apply for the award - schools, HOAs, parks, local governments, government facilities, scout troops and churches to name a few.   The goal of the program is to provide information to communities on how they can best apply their resources to establish and maintain the health of their surrounding tree canopy.  

Applications and supporting documentation are due January 31st of each year.  Awards will be mailed in mid-March in time for Arbor Day celebrations in April.   The attractive plaques are a great way to show off all of your community's hard work in creating sustainable and beautiful tree cover for the benefit of all.

The PLANT program is made possible by funding from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.  To apply for this award, visit the DNR site here.